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Artist and Art Educator - Imre Kasza

Teaching experience

Visual Arts Teacher-

1978-1989 at the Brukenthal Museum in Hermanstadt
Duties included: training teachers, giving museum tours and teaching classes in creative arts

since 1992 Conducted workshops in Sweden ( Tingsryd, Gothenburg, Alingsås, Lerum)

Began working on the concept of a Childrens Museum in 1980's.
This Museum first opened its doors in 1995 in my private home in Ulfsryd.
In 1997 it was moved into my studio in "Italienska Palatset" in Växjö.
Since sept 2001 -a permanent exhibition haused in the Red Cross's facility in Lerum

The Museums collection continued to grow continously .
The picture archive has today more than 1000 drawings and paintings .

Exhibitions of children's work

1999 Gothenburg, Landala Gången 3
2000 Gothenburg, Lundby Bibliotek
2001 Lerum, Dergårdsfoajén

The main goal is to establish a museum in a permanent location where
the visitors are participants not just observers.

CREATION 173X173cm, akryl on canvas

PORTRAIT, 150x217 cm, akryl


THE STREET, 280X150 cm, canvas, 2001

FLOWERS - SUNDAY,150x210cm, temper and pencil,

THE STREET, detail




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